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After the Rain

Thursday, 19 May 2016

California Dreaming - Unedited Excerpt 💝

While I am waiting for this to be edited, I thought I would share a little excerpt for you from our boy Ben..........

Please note though, that this is an unedited and unformatted excerpt and is subject to change 💝

This boy is a personal favourite of mine!! :*


I cringed when Doreen told her husband to call DD. That cop has it in for me, thanks to his sister Krystal. Man that girl is trouble. I knew before I seduced her, that it was going to end badly for me, but I wouldn’t listen. She is hot, I mean seriously fucking hot. She is one of those girls, who uses her brother’s position as our local police deputy, to her advantage. Fuck with her and her brother will fuck with you. Like I said, I knew in advance what I was getting myself into.
I couldn’t help it though, she chased me.
The boys warned me to stay away from her. Fuck, even Luke told me to give that girl a miss, which should have set off alarm bells, because he hits anything in a skirt. Everywhere we went, she was there. Always in her tight as fuck tops, and short skirts. It’s like she paints her clothing on every morning, they are that tight.
My undoing came when she cornered me at a bon fire on the beach, at the beginning of summer. We were all drinking, and singing, sitting back, enjoying the warm summers night. When she sat down next to me, she was wearing nothing but a tiny bikini. My fucking eyes were bulging out of my head at the sight. I was hooked and she fucking knew it. That girl knew exactly what she was doing, and she played her part well. Just before sunset, and after a shit ton of beer, I had her naked in the sand dunes. I was covered in sand from head to toe, but none of that mattered. I was balls deep in her warmth, with her screaming my name.
The problem was, she wanted more and of course I didn’t. I got what I wanted, I was happy, but she told her brother what happened, and he has been on my ass ever since.  
While we wait for Alex to arrive, we sit in silence. I am contemplating what will happen to us now. There’s no way we will know for sure, that the killer didn’t see our faces. I am quietly confident he didn’t, because it was pitch black where we were standing. I never saw his face either, which won’t help the officers at all. That whole laneway was black except for light shining over the doors. The illumination offered was only enough to help those entering, or leaving those buildings. We never got a good look at either of the two guys standing in front of us and for that I am grateful. The sight of him pulling that trigger and the other guy dropping will be etched into my mind forever. It’s a sight you just can’t unsee.
Gulping, I watch as DD walks in. The smug look on his face pisses me off, because he knows he has us now. He has been trying all summer to pin something on us, and this is giving him just the ammunition he needs. Not that we have done anything wrong. It’s just that, he is always saying the four of us are heading for trouble, and that he would be the one waiting when it happened. He is such a dick.
I have to smirk when his wise crack is attacked by Doreen, the look on his face was steely. He doesn’t like being challenged like that, he will no doubt make us pay for that when we reach the station. Saying our thankyou’s and goodbyes to Doreen and Bob, we follow officer dipstick out to his cruiser. He allows Stephen to sit in the front, and gets great pleasure shoving the rest of us in the back. I spend that whole trip back to the station in silence, like the others, except my gaze is concentrated on the streets outside. By now it is pitch black, the darkness finally encasing the whole town. I wonder if our mystery man is watching, if he saw who we were. More to the point, I wonder if they found the body yet?
By the time we get to the station, all our parents are in the waiting area pacing. All of them with worried looks on their faces. Making our way through the doors they rush us, engulfing us in massive bear hugs. It’s stifling, but comforting at the same time. When my mother starts crying, the realisation of the extent of trouble we are in hits home.
There’s no coming back from this, is there?