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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Review: Roofie

Roofie Roofie by L. Grubb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading Beast, the first of the MMA books by Lucii I was excited to find that this was another great read and addition to her new series.

Roofie tells the story of a boy who, in his infinite wisdom gets wasted and beds the one girl he actually has feelings for. As you can guess that was a disaster waiting to happen, but he has no idea what he has done wrong until it is pointed out to him.

This is a great love story about two people working their way through their feelings and misunderstandings to create something worth fighting for.

Throw in a slightly unbalanced mother and spoilt sister and it leads to an intriguing story line.

This was an awesome read and a great addition to Lucii's MMA series.

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Review: Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies Sugar Daddies by Jade West
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For me this was another exceptional read by Jade West. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed all Jade's books, this was somewhat different and an exceptionally hot read!!

Everyone has dreams, and secret inhibitions (maybe not like this, but you get my drift) that they want to explore or see happen and that's just what Sugar Daddies was all about.

The sex, well that's just a highlight of the story, but when you read past that, you really get caught up in what Jade is trying to portray. This is a well thought out and descriptive story of three people who are looking at the bigger picture and aiming for what their hearts desire.

I loved the storyline (ok and maybe the sex!) because it reminded us of what lengths some people will go to and endure to achieve their goals and inner most dreams.

This is a fantastic read and one I would highly recommend.

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