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Coming Soon!
After the Rain

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Twelve months ago today I released Writing My Own Destiny - My romantic comedy about an Aussie author who travels to the US for an author signing.

What better way to celebrate our one year anniversary, thank with a giveaway!!

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‘We love Aussies,’ they said, ‘the readers will eat you up’.

Those seven little words got me on a plane to the USA for the ‘Raunchy with a touch of sexiness – Valentine’s Day Author Event’ in Miami.

I’m a romance author. A girl with a vivid imagination, and an overactive sex drive. 

Oh, and yes I’m Australian

When I agreed the so-called love of my life had just walked out on me, leaving me with two little girls. All I wanted was a little fun and some no strings attached fun while I was there. 

It would be my very own ‘what happens in Miami, stays in Miami’.

Unless I fall in love with an American.

There’s no such thing as a happily ever after in real life,

Is there?