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Coming Soon!
After the Rain

Friday, 29 January 2016

Curbing my enthusiasm.....

Yesterday was a big day for me, with the release of my novel now available on Amazon, ibooks and other sites.

I brought a copy for my kindle this morning, Why? you may ask.... Well because I wanted to look back and say I brought a copy of my debut novel.. :)

When I started reading it, I was feeling disappointment.... The story didn't flow in this format like I had wanted it to.

Every negative thought crashed through me, self doubts creeping back in.

Would I be judged for the layout, for the way it has been set up. Did I not review it well enough prior to it being sent away for printing?

Continuing on, I started feeling some relief. As you delve further into the story it gets better. I have noticed a couple of silly editing errors which I will look at having fixed after my professional review is returned, but nothing to dramatic.

Maybe it is just me, maybe I have read and re read my story to the point of being sick of it.

Those are doubts that make you question whether or not what you have produced is good enough.

I am dreading the customer reviews now, I hope they are not too crucifying.

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