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Coming Soon!
After the Rain

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Book Two - Title Review & Excerpt!! :)

As I approach 30,000 words into my next novel, I have settled on a title. One that I believe fits my storyline perfectly!

So book two of California Dreaming will be titled - Sins of the Father.

this is the story of Sherlyn and Stephen.............


Sins of the father - California Dreaming 2

After the death of her father, Sherlyn discovers hidden truths about him that she could have never suspected. When her mother tragically dies as well, it is like her whole world has fallen apart.

When the smoke faded and life started to settle again, Stephen's parents make the decision to move him back to California.
With the threat eliminated he was now free.

But what is the definition of freedom...

One girl struggling to find her way..... A boy trying to control his demons from the past.

Can a shy girl curb the controlling nature of the boy she loves....

Will either of them survive the sins of the father.....

Book Excerpt -

Stephen -

I look up to see Ben, Luke, and Kyle watching me, monitoring my movements. I hadn’t realised until then that my leg was shaking, tapping continuously.  The worried look on their faces says it all. “You can’t sit around, and wait for the day, when she finally comes back to you.” Ben eventually starts, a frustrated sigh escaping his tight lips. “If you have learnt anything from me and Sophie, you would know not to sit on your hands. You are wasting time, time you could be buried balls deep in that girl. Stop being a morbid bastard, and go fucking get her. You know she doesn’t want Sean, so stop being a dick.”
Laughing aloud, I accept the high five he is chasing. That asswipe is a crude fucker at the best of times, today, obviously being no exception. “Alright, enough. I get the message.” I throw out to no one in particular. The three sitting across from me are my brothers, my family. They shit me at the best of times, but I love them. If anyone knows what I need, it’s these three. Time to stop acting like a douche, and make things right with Sheri. “Just one thing though,” I call out, halting them in their tracks. Turning back with puzzled looks, Kyle answers for the others. “What?”
“For fucks sake would you please do something about Sindy, she will not take no for an answer.” Cracking up, they start laughing, as they turn back around to head out of my room. “My pleasure,” calls Luke, when it all dies down. “I’ve been itching to get into that girl’s panties since we got back. I’m happy to take one for the team.”