Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
After the Rain

Monday, 15 February 2016

Sneak Preview - Book 2 - Coming Soon!!

As I believe I have mentioned, I am about 22,000 words into my next book. This one focuses on Sherlyn and Stephen. There is mention of the others (as you would expect) but if I had favourites after Sophie and Ben, it would have to be these two!!

Here is a little sneak peak at book 2, hopefully ready for release by the end of March 2016 :)

Chapter One 

What do you do when everything you have taken for granted, turns out to be a lie...? 


        When my parents got divorced, I did what any other child in my position would do I blamed myself… And that was when the guilt first set in.
Then the “what ifs” start…
What if I was not so naughty…If only I could listen, and do as I am told for once…
And so on…
Did I mention I was only six years old when all this occurred?  

Being that I was just a child, I was oblivious to everything that did not revolve around me. If its honesty you are looking for, and I think I need to be honest with myself as well - I do not recall my father being around much anyway. My fondest memories from around that time only included my mother. 

        Ah, my mother – now there was a beautiful woman. She could have a man eating out of the palms of her hands without even raising a sweat. My father used to tell me, that she had a face that could stop traffic. She was mesmerizing.

He himself was by no means unattractive.  

        He once told me a story a few years ago about how they met, it was a little on the crude side, but that did not stop him. I had always wondered, but was never game enough to ask.

His version was that he went to Vegas on business; he was tired, hungry and horny. His thoughts were to check into a motel, grab a bite to eat and call for a little company for the night.

His recollection had him landing at the airport, and heading towards the car rentals. It was there he stumbled across a pretty thing with her ass staring him straight in the face. She was bent over, in front of the counter.

Apparently, she had been picking up the contents of her handbag off the floor.

When she got to her feet, she had him speechless. He couldn’t even string together a sentence. He reckons all he can remember from that moment on was her batting her eyelashes at him. The next thing he knew was him waking up the next morning, with her beside him in his hotel bed. He was fucked if he could work out the hold she had on him, but it was one that would last for quite a few years.