Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
After the Rain

Thursday, 4 February 2016

My Marketing Strategy...

Sooo... since I am being left in charge of my own marketing and promotion, I thought I would venture out and see who I could enlist to help me.. I am currently still a little nervous about approaching the book bloggers on Facebook, but my following on Twitter has grown quickly (much appreciated you lovely people :) ).

Anyways I have enlisted the help of CT Cover Designs to create some teasers and banners for me. These I can plaster all of my social media pages in the hope that it will hopefully generate interest.

Every day sees me venturing out of my comfort zone just that little bit more. I never envisioned myself being like this, but I love getting out there and expressing myself.

Clarise has created some amazing covers, teasers, website and facebook banners and possibly so much more and I am excited to have her give me some much needed assistance.

Stacey xx