Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
After the Rain

Monday, 21 March 2016

My Progress to date!! - My journey in this big world of writing...........

Just an update on how my life is progressing in the big world of writing and publishing. Over the last week, I have seen a dramatic change and have watched as my book if starting to find it's way into the huge book market.

I have created a review team, where I can interact, brainstorm, send out ARC's and anything else we deem fit!  The initial reviews, (all bar one) have been fantastic xx

I never anticipated that I would find readers who enjoyed my story line and characters as much as I do!! It has removed some of that self doubt, but I know I will have that with each new addition I create.

Being noticed by people and having them approach me of their own free will, is something I am cherishing, because it gives me hope that my dream of going somewhere with my writing could be a reality.

I am extremely grateful to everyone who has offered their support and encouragement, because it motivates me to continue on with this journey.............  

And because I am still overwhelmed with my reviews, I am going to share just a couple more :)