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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Review - The Princess wore Plaid - Karen Hawkins

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

The Princess wore Plaid by Karen Hawkins is a tale of love set in Scotland in the Eighteenth Century, when countries were still run by Kings and Queens.

This novel appears to be the second book in a Series, told in the first person. Although well written, and being set in the Scottish Countryside, much of the story includes Scottish Dialogue. This takes a bit at times to get used to, as you are trying to understand the meaning of different words as you progress. I was caught off guard a few times, but was able to look past that, because it has a lovable story line. Another novel characteristic about this book is there is no graphic sex or violence. I love finding books like that, as most published works these days are more about the sex, and less about the story line. 

This book introduces us to Tatiana Romanovin, a Princess from Oxenburg. Tatiana finds herself stranded in the Scottish countryside after there is an accident involving her coach, on her way to visit family. After being thrown from her coach she wanders around dazed until she comes across an inn name the ‘Red Lion’. It was here that she finds herself becoming a maid for innkeepers Iona and Ian Drummond, after they gracefully took her in. 

It is in this Inn that Tatiana meets Lord Darrac Buchan, a troubled, private man, badly injured in a battle in India, whilst serving with the navy.  Buchan is a Scottish Lord, who resides in his family estate, also in the Scottish Countryside. Part of Buchan’s ritual is to dine at the Drummond’s Inn every Friday evening. It is during these visits that Buchan finds himself intrigued, and drawn to the intelligent Tatiana, bringing something out in him he never expected. 

A reason to live…

This is a tale of discovery, and love. It’s hard to continue without giving away too much, but it is definitely a book I would love to recommend. 

It is a refreshing outlook on two people, and their discovery of love. 

For me this book deserves 4 stars.