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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Review: Good Enough

Good Enough Good Enough by Taryn Steele
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was gifted this book by Taryn Steele for an honest review and I want to be honest, and admit that this one challenged me.

The storyline itself was quite complex and very compelling, but it is how it was conveyed that I struggled with. It is written in the first person, where we meet Hillary, a girl who hasn't been given an opportunity to exactly know what it is like to be truly loved. Apart from her father, she lives in loveless family environment where her mother treats her more like a boarder than a daughter. Craving that affection and love, Hillary finds herself in an abusive relationship which once ended has an impact on how she believes people see her. It is a very enthralling story and you feel for her and what she has had to endure.

When she reconnects with Jameson, a boy she went to school with, you watch as she struggles to believe that she is worthy of his love. Her self-doubt in herself is evident and very heartbreaking to read. This is a cliff hanger though, so this book leaves you wondering how it will all play out for her.

I loved the concept of the storyline and it has the potential to be an amazing novel, I just struggled with how it was written in different areas.

For a debut novel, I do believe it was worthy of four stars, because there was some much heart put into creating such a heart warming story.

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