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Coming Soon!
After the Rain

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

To Vent or not to Vent!!

I don't classify myself as a bitchy person, generally I love interacting with others, especially people I can't readily meet face to face. I try not to get upset over stuff that I can't control, but I go out of my way to promote and support others regardless of whether it is done for me in return.

I like meeting new people, especially other authors, bloggers and of course readers! I think the support should be welcoming by all, not just a select few. We are all trying to accomplish the same thing and we should be encouraging of each other, not trying to tear each other down.

Our stories are all different, some better than others, but all different. There are people out there trying to rip other authors off, but generally what I have found is honest genuine people who just want to share their stories.

I am one of those, my stories may need polishing (thats what my new editor is for :) ) but I just want to share them with the world and hope they enjoy them as much as I do. I love storytelling, always have!!

I also love to read, and am a serial stalker of many other authors.

What hurts me the most is the bitching and backstabbing I have witnessed. I whole heartedly agree with something written by one of the authors I follow recently, when she wrote about authors also having feelings. Yes we do have them and no we don't like it when people treat us badly. We all have different interpretations of things and I agreed with that author's post for a completely different reason to what she may had intended.

Some of us just want to come out and play, and be accepted, not seen as a threat or competition. Not everyone who reads our stories will like them, but they have to right to like as many different authors as they choose. I personally follow many authors, in many different genres. That comes back to my love of reading.

Just clearing my thoughts :)