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Friday, 29 April 2016

Review: Ocean

Ocean Ocean by Jo Raven
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was gifted Ocean by Jo Raven for an honest review and I am happy to say it did not disappoint!

Let's set the landscape for you....... Welcome to Damage Control, a tattoo shop where the each of the boys who work here, have had something tragic happen in their lives that a one point in time,sets them on a path of self destruction. In this particular instalment we meet Ocean Storm (I know right!! Who in their right mind calls their child that??) a tormented soul who had his brother placed in the care of his aunt to give him a better life. After attempting to save his brother, he finds himself living on the streets until Zane, a member of the inked brotherhood finds him and gives him a reason to live. All seems to be going well for him until his mother gets sick.......... (there's a twist here that you have to discover for yourself!)

We then meet Kayla, a girl who believes in her tarot card, tea leaves and palm reading. All Kayla wants to do is read Ocean's palm, but he won't let her. She knows something is wrong but he won't let her in. Ocean believes that if she knows about his past and what he has done, she will want nothing to do with him. He doesn't believe he can give her what she needs.

I love these kinds of romance books, the ones where it takes that one special something for our boy and girl to find their way into each others hearts. This story is no different and it makes you feel for them both. (I think Jo just likes to torture them :) )You can't help but feel their pain and root for them to make it through.

Every instalment to the inked brotherhood just gets better and better and I am looking forward to whatever Jo delivers us next.

I loved this story and Ocean and you will too xx

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